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Thresholds; The Adjacent Possible

The Tapestry, 68-76 Kempston Street, Liverpool.

I have 2 small paintings in this group exhibition, which runs until 18 February.
Open 11- 6 Daily

The House in the Woods. Cass Arts Liverpool, until 26 February,


I’ve been asked to add a price list. This is something I don’t normally do as I prefer to let people visit my studio and we can chat. But here you go….     If you want to contact me, my email is :    and I accept PayPal at that address

In exhibition order :

  1. House in the Woods. Letterpress print NFS
  2. Seventy Years ago, Acrylic on wood.  £100
  3. Road. Acrylic on Wood. £100
  4. Pines and Hemlocks. Acrylic on Wood. £250
  5. Ghosts. Acrylic on Wood. £250
  6. Remnants. Acrylic on Found Wood. £180
  7. Lost. Acrylic on Canvas. £150
  8. Echoes. Acrylic on Canvas. £150
  9. Pink House, Blue House. £150

Back Wall:

  1. NightFall. Acrylic on Canvas Board. £25
  2. Caught in Headlights. Acrylic on Canvas Board. £25
  3. All that is Left. Linocut. £15 (framed)
  4. Off Track. Linocut. £15 (framed)
  5. The West Wind. Acrylic on Canvas. £180.
  6. The Hunters House. Acrylic on Canvas. £180
  7. NightFall 2. Acrylic on Canvas Board. £25
  8. Caught in Headlights 2. Acrylic on Canvas Board £25

On Table:

  1. Forgotten. Acrylic on Wood. £100

Further images:

Busy year ahead for me.  To kick off 2018, I’ll be exhibiting my new paintings and prints at Cass Arts  in Liverpool.  Images to follow when the exhibition is installed.

cass poster


I spent most of March preparing for the fantastic Threshold Festival (see image of my work on main page)  It was good to make a large installation again AND attract so much attention for it :

Artists newletter used images of my work as banners on their social media sites as well as doing an Instagram feature on me.

….and now busy getting ready for the exhibition in Athens!


At last – I can reveal that I will be in this years Threshold event in Liverpool. I was told a few weeks ago. but had to keep a low profile until they rolled out their publicity.

I’m doing an installation …and its going to be BIG and fairly ambitious. I just hope it work out!   Soo..for the last few weeks, I’ve been cutting and glueing – a set amount of objects each day so that I can reach my target amount.

That’s taking up a fair amount of my time, but I’m squeezing in a small group exhibition – a fundraiser, to raise funds for our next International exhibition. News about that coming soon.

The trouble with continuously working on several different projects. is that I just forget to update this website. That probably looks like I’m not doing anything.

OK then, to try to rectify this, I’ll keep a more regular  blog .

At the moment, I’m finishing off work for a group exhibition at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool.  I made some ceramic planes  before Christmas, originally planning to exhibit them in an installation, but I’ve framed two up to see how they work.

Exhibition runs until 13th February 2016


I’ll be running a series of paper related workshops at my studio – Alternator from 17th January.

Leading up to Valentine’s Day,  the first one will be turning hand made paper hearts into necklaces, gift wrappings and cards :

The second on 24th January, we will be making hand made journals, decorated of course, with hearts :

More events to follow…


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