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Exhibitions I’m involved in, in 2018 …..

This weekend, I’m looking forward to taking part in the ‘Inside Job’ exhibition in the Blavatnik Building at Tate Modern:
PV 6 April. Exhibition :  April 7 10:00 – 22:00   April 8 10:00 – 18:00

I’m showing the two pieces of ’70 years ago’ (see below)  which I recently had on display in my Solo exhibition at Cass Arts earlier this year.  Read a couple of my interviews here:  Rebel Magazine, Wendy Williams  (slightly tongue in cheek) and Guardian


Wirral Open 

Williamson Art Gallery , Wirral.  23 March – 6 May

I’m showing one of my paintings in this exhibition. From a series entitled ‘West Wind’ . Acrylic on Canvas

WW West wind


Into the City 

Chapel Gallery. Ormskirk. Lancashire . 3 March – 7 April

I am showing a small installation of paper houses with video projection at Chapel Gallery

Here’s a still from a video for now….

video at Chapel


Thresholds; The Adjacent Possible

The Tapestry, 68-76 Kempston Street, Liverpool.

I had 2 small paintings in this group exhibition, which ran until 18 February : Thresholds : The Adjacent Possible


The House in the Woods.

Cass Arts Liverpool,  29 January – 26 February,

Solo show. I had a mix of paintings and prints in this exhibition. First time in a while that I had shown my paintings and I was pleased with the response 

I’ve been asked to add a price list. This is something I don’t normally do as I prefer to let people visit my studio and we can chat. But here you go….     If you want to contact me, my email is :    and I accept PayPal at that address

In exhibition order :

  1. House in the Woods. Letterpress print NFS
  2. Seventy Years ago, Acrylic on wood.  £100
  3. Road. Acrylic on Wood. £100
  4. Pines and Hemlocks. Acrylic on Wood. £250
  5. Ghosts. Acrylic on Wood. £250
  6. Remnants. Acrylic on Found Wood. £180
  7. Lost. Acrylic on Canvas. £150
  8. Echoes. Acrylic on Canvas. £150
  9. Pink House, Blue House. £150

Back Wall:

  1. NightFall. Acrylic on Canvas Board. £25
  2. Caught in Headlights. Acrylic on Canvas Board. £25
  3. All that is Left. Linocut. £15 (framed)
  4. Off Track. Linocut. £15 (framed)
  5. The West Wind. Acrylic on Canvas. £180.
  6. The Hunters House. Acrylic on Canvas. £180
  7. NightFall 2. Acrylic on Canvas Board. £25
  8. Caught in Headlights 2. Acrylic on Canvas Board £25

On Table:

  1. Forgotten. Acrylic on Wood. £100

Further images:


cass poster

I’ve deleted below here as I wanted to re jig the website to make it simpler.  Info about earlier exhibitions are under my CV.









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