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Exhibitions I’m involved in, in 2018 …..

I’m so far behind with keeping up this blog…  At the time of writing (14 June) I’m in two exhibitions… Size Matters at The World of Glass in St Helens and the book exhibition : Frankenstein 2018 at Liverpool Central Library ( part of a touring exhibition)

My work was mentioned in the review and there’s a few images of the book below :



This weekend, I’m looking forward to taking part in the ‘Inside Job’ exhibition in the Blavatnik Building at Tate Modern:
PV 6 April. Exhibition :  April 7 10:00 – 22:00   April 8 10:00 – 18:00

I’m showing the two pieces of ’70 years ago’ (see below)  which I recently had on display in my Solo exhibition at Cass Arts earlier this year.  Read a couple of my interviews here:  Rebel Magazine, Wendy Williams  (slightly tongue in cheek) and Guardian


Wirral Open 

Williamson Art Gallery , Wirral.  23 March – 6 May

I’m showing one of my paintings in this exhibition. From a series entitled ‘West Wind’ . Acrylic on Canvas

WW West wind


Into the City 

Chapel Gallery. Ormskirk. Lancashire . 3 March – 7 April

I am showing a small installation of paper houses with video projection at Chapel Gallery

Here’s a still from a video for now….

video at Chapel


Thresholds; The Adjacent Possible

The Tapestry, 68-76 Kempston Street, Liverpool.

I had 2 small paintings in this group exhibition, which ran until 18 February : Thresholds : The Adjacent Possible


The House in the Woods.

Cass Arts Liverpool,  29 January – 26 February,

Solo show. I had a mix of paintings and prints in this exhibition. First time in a while that I had shown my paintings and I was pleased with the response 

I’ve been asked to add a price list. This is something I don’t normally do as I prefer to let people visit my studio and we can chat. But here you go….     If you want to contact me, my email is :    and I accept PayPal at that address

In exhibition order :

  1. House in the Woods. Letterpress print NFS
  2. Seventy Years ago, Acrylic on wood.  £100
  3. Road. Acrylic on Wood. £100
  4. Pines and Hemlocks. Acrylic on Wood. £250
  5. Ghosts. Acrylic on Wood. £250
  6. Remnants. Acrylic on Found Wood. £180
  7. Lost. Acrylic on Canvas. £150
  8. Echoes. Acrylic on Canvas. £150
  9. Pink House, Blue House. £150

Back Wall:

  1. NightFall. Acrylic on Canvas Board. £25
  2. Caught in Headlights. Acrylic on Canvas Board. £25
  3. All that is Left. Linocut. £15 (framed)
  4. Off Track. Linocut. £15 (framed)
  5. The West Wind. Acrylic on Canvas. £180.
  6. The Hunters House. Acrylic on Canvas. £180
  7. NightFall 2. Acrylic on Canvas Board. £25
  8. Caught in Headlights 2. Acrylic on Canvas Board £25

On Table:

  1. Forgotten. Acrylic on Wood. £100

Further images:


cass poster

I’ve deleted below here as I wanted to re jig the website to make it simpler.  Info about earlier exhibitions are under my CV.








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