Installations at a Glance

I work with recycled materials and especially like using paper as a medium. My most recent installation was shown at Threshold in April 2016 (see image below) but I’m constantly working on new ideas and exhibit regularly showing other works.

I’m going to update my blog page on a more regular basis, so although this page will stay the same for now, keep checking the link to see what I’m up to:  Blog

…and of course, take a look at The Objects section  on this site to see my other work.

WW Settlement 159a

Below are images of some of the installations I have made.

4 thoughts on “Installations at a Glance

  1. Do you make little like origami boxes of felted (ish) paper that are then oversewn? Saw one here in London Ontario Canada yesterday …. exquisite, and would like to know if I could order one, or if there’s any gallery here which carries them!

    valerie moretti

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