About Me

Sometimes its hard to sum up why I work a certain way or use the materials I do, but I’ll see if I can put it in to words that make sense.

I recycle materials…. I pick things up all of the time and see if they can be re-used some way. I do it because it (the waste) bothers me.

I use paper mainly.  I like to prolong its life and give it an extra journey. That’s why I use means of travel a lot in my work – boats, planes, shoes etc.. all used to get from one place to another, mapping out the journey paper takes.

I make them into colonies, grouping them together so that viewers can see just how much is there.

I  Co-founded the group Soup Collective (SC) in 2001, working and exhibiting together for many years until the opportunity to collaborative with artists outside the group emerged. Using this opportunity to explore new ground, I set up a sister group. SCI

With SCI, I have exhibited in many International exhibitions and have gained experience through working with the artists I have met through these collaborations.

I run various paper related workshops, such as handmade books, jewellery and paper shoes. Just contact me if you would like more details:  wendwilluk@yahoo.co.uk   Follow me on Twitter @wendy8williams

My studio is based in The Old Bakery (Alternator) in Wirral.

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