There is Another Sky

There is another sky an installation of paper hot air balloons,  is made from discarded exhibition pamphlets.

The title of this installation is taken from the poem by Emily   Dickinson. I liked the idea of there being an alternative and very optimistic  ‘other life’ out there and I’ve taken the title literally.

Showing at The Chapel Gallery Ormskirk 21 September – 9 November 2013

2 thoughts on “There is Another Sky

  1. Sadly, I missed the Starfly Installation but will be going to this one. There is an enthralling quality to the scale and repetition of the pieces that make up your work. Your previous work in the Williamson was fascinating because of the variety of sources of paper. So really looking forward to seeing this installation.


    • That’s great that you want to go along to see it. These took a lot longer to make than the shoes as there were several pieces to each balloon – each having to be glued into place before the next one could be added. I’ll replace the images on here later on when I get some better ones. It was bit hard going being up and down those ladders today, so I only took quick shots as I was leaving.

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