Houses Revisited

The paper houses are from an installation I made last year and I wanted to recycle them in some way.

Still thinking about the journey the paper has made before it reached my hands, I wanted to incorporate not only the elements of travelling, but also the feeling of safely we experience when we arrive home from our journeys.

‘Safe House’ to me, sums up that feeling of security.  (Showing in The  Warrington Museum & Art Gallery as part of the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival)

WW Safe House

Trailers were made for the Clandestine exhibition in the Williamson tunnels.

Wendy Williams. Trailers

Reading about Joseph Williamson, I found out that as well as the tunnels, he also built a lot of the houses on Mason Street and in adjoining streets. I found it fascinating that he ‘was constantly changing the houses he owned – knocking down walls, putting in bigger and bigger windows, extending cellars’ etc.

This installation represents not only the link between the tunnels and the houses by the transportation of the building materials from one place to another, but of the reinvention of an object.