St John the Evangelist planes

I originally made the paper planes that I exhibited during the Liverpool Independents Biennial, for DWF: .  This was an event that was going to happen last summer, but for various reasons was held back until March this year.  I was told that ‘my’ venue was to be St John the Evangelist – a redundant church in New Briggate, Leeds :,_Leeds  Since the originally showing of the planes in Liverpool, I’d added about a 100 more – all made from the ACE application form.  ( ACE supported my trip to Stockholm last year) The other planes were made from books and maps, as before.

DWF: Various venues in Leeds, until 22 March

St Johns Leeds 4a                         St Johns Leeds 006a


Keeping the theme of travel in my work, I returned to using a broader range of recycled materials. It wasn’t practical to show a large installation as part of the group show ‘Inhospitable’ at The Bridewell, Liverpool, especially as the exhibition was touring to Leeds. The work had to travel well and be easy enough for  someone else to install it there.  I used antlers, given to me during the exhibition at Tromso and a donated bicycle wheel, adding  ‘tyres’ made from metro newspapers picked up on my daily commute to work.

Although originally I’d made a pole from a branch to connect the ‘handle bars’ with the wheel, I found that it looked better without. The unicycle became more of a vehicle that was impossible to ride.


Journeys End


I’m quite a bit behind with updating this site as I only just realised that my last post was about an exhibition I had last September. More has happened since then, so I’ll try to ‘catch up’ in the next week or so.

Soooo……. The next exhibition I did for the Liverpool Independents Biennial, was ‘Journeys end’ ( November 2012) .  I decided to put three of my installations together (ships, planes and houses ) to see how they would work and interact.  As there were now over 1500 paper items, it took many hours to install. I tried to theme the objects by colour, while creating patterns and swirls within the design.

At the same time, I was in a group exhibition at Tate Liverpool, so I wanted to connect the two exhibitions, but keeping the design more simple and controlled.

Journeys at tate 003