Working with Teabags

WW teabag book 005.r My recent work came about while absent mindedly putting teabags to one side, ready to bin or compost them.  When trying to work something out, I make tea.

Realising it was such a huge part of my working life, I wanted to incorporate it into my work.

The first attempts were simply glueing them together and painting on them, but ideas are developing, the more I work.

I had already experimented with making pages of a book, but I wanted to take it further – making the covers and bindings completely out of the tea bag material.


A Hundred Miles

              ‘A Hundred Miles’ is a kind of diary for me. Like most people, I pick up a lot of paper in my daily life and most of it is thrown away afterwards.  For this installation, I’ve kept the wrapping paper from Christmas and my Birthday, Work rotas, magazines and flyers – mostly Tate ones, so they are a personal reflection of the exhibitions I see daily.

I’ve used baby shoes as for me, they represent early stages of thought and naivety over waste.     shoes williamson 010a

I’m hoping people will stop and think about how much paper they touch and abandon.
As part of ‘De Junk Re Junk’ Williamson Art Gallery, Wirral until 7 July 2013.

Do You Understand These Rights?

WW Do you understand 1a

The work I have in the ‘Possible Impossibilities exhibition at The Bridewell : was a culmination of several past projects.

I wanted to depict the Bridewell’s physical structure, while also adding an echo of its past use as Police cells. I thought of the words uttered when a person was arrested…. You have the Right to Remain Silent….. Do you understand….. ?  and experimented with pulling images of the Bridewell through the words.  It was a technique  I’d used before in  ‘Declaration’ and wanted to see if it would work for this piece.

I formed the shape of the Bridewell building out of the script and housed it within a found wooden frame structure.

Declaration was exhibited in ‘Speakeasy’, Basement Arts Projects, Leeds. It is the American Declaration of Independence,  printed on recycled paper. On the reverse of the paper is printed wings from my travel project, bearing the words of the song ‘King of the Road’. The wings are pulled through the Declaration as if humming a song and not really concentrating on the meaning of the words.

Dec Image 1rs

Journeys End


I’m quite a bit behind with updating this site as I only just realised that my last post was about an exhibition I had last September. More has happened since then, so I’ll try to ‘catch up’ in the next week or so.

Soooo……. The next exhibition I did for the Liverpool Independents Biennial, was ‘Journeys end’ ( November 2012) .  I decided to put three of my installations together (ships, planes and houses ) to see how they would work and interact.  As there were now over 1500 paper items, it took many hours to install. I tried to theme the objects by colour, while creating patterns and swirls within the design.

At the same time, I was in a group exhibition at Tate Liverpool, so I wanted to connect the two exhibitions, but keeping the design more simple and controlled.

Journeys at tate 003