Factory: an installation of paper boots

Factory is an installation I made for the Barnaby Festival in Macclesfield : http://www.barnabyfestival.org.uk/events/factory 

The theme of the festival  is ‘Industry’ and my work depicts the children working in the textile factories during Victorian times. The boots are made from used packaging materials.


Hope. The Starfly Installation

christ church AG

Earlier this year, I was commissioned by Christ Church in Oxton, Wirral : http://christchurchbirkenhead.net/index.htm   to design and install an artwork in the church. The artwork would become a central piece for the Christ Church arts Festival, which ran 5 – 7 July 2013 and the aim was to work with the community and local schools.

I took photographs around the church and played around with the images until I found something that I thought would appeal to younger children as well as adults. The resulting image, I called a Starfly, as it resembled both star and butterfly, though the initial design was of the arches within the stained glass windows.

Over a period of about two months, I went into the local school and Tots group and worked with the children, making the starflies out of recycle paper.

When all of the Starflies were completed, I strung them across the altar space of the church. As the church still held regular services, the ‘curtain’ needed to be light and have gaps in to be able to view the altar.