Walking the City

This blog helps me think, which is why I do it.   Reading over my last couple of posts was like viewing someone else’s problems and seeing the ******** obvious, which was obscured to me because I was right on top of it.

It helps if you just write things down.

So anyway, yes, finding the motivation to do stuff and then  getting the work out there…

I hardly ever apply for exhibitions as I usually work in group shows with people I know. So it was quite fortunate timing that I saw a local call out for an exhibition that was actually free to enter and virtually on my doorstep. What a rarity.

It wasn’t a theme I would normally choose and I really didn’t have the time to start completely new work while still working on The Sheffield piece ( which I haven’t done much to by the way as I keep getting frustratingly distracted by inane stuff)   But I managed to rework an old piece and deliver it while I was in town anyway.

6 weeks into the year and I’m finally shifting myself.

Loverpool    On til 19th February.