Paint on the kitchen work surfaces

This month has been a bit manic, as I’ve been working towards two exhibitions. The piece for the Sheffield exhibition (which actually opens next week – argh !) has been put on a back burner as I really couldn’t get it to work.  So while I’m still out of my studio (too cold)  I’m working from home and putting all my energy into the  Southport ‘Door’ exhibition which also opens next week (see images below)

It always helps me to work on something completely different for a while to take my mind off the problems I had with what I will keep calling ‘The Sheffield piece’. Having so many unfinished works on my kitchen table has made things a bit chaotic at home, but hey ho, what can you do. I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this .

So… the work I delivered to Southport yesterday was a photograph, which  I took in France and a sculpture made from a recycled ceramic.

I actually take photographs nearly every day but I never think to exhibit them. It was good to frame something up for a change. The ceramic piece took a while to complete, as I wanted it to look fragile , but it had to be strong enough to be screwed into a block of wood as a working door handle.

The hands on the hand sculpture were taken from a piece I made last year ‘The Birth of Icarus’. (see below)  I was glad to be able to re use the entire original.